Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player Review

If you love to swim then you would know that the search for the perfect waterproof MP3 player is a constant struggle. With a lot of choices on the market, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. What should one really consider when looking for a waterproof MP3 player?

A great waterproof MP3 player should be durable, can withstand the pressure of being underwater, has a good battery life, and has a good audio permeability despite being underwater.

This cool gadget is indeed a must have to bring with you to the pool. Aside from staring at the lines at the bottom of the pool while doing your swimming workout routine, you can now entertain your mind with music or e-books. Before you know it, you have now been swimming for about an hour!

A good example of a great waterproof MP3 player is the Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player. In this article, we’ll be going through the advantages and disadvantages of the product to further help you decide on your purchase.

Features of Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player

  • Built-in Li-polymer battery
  • Meets IPX8 waterproofing standards
  • Depth rated to 3 meters
  • Supports MP3 and WMA audio formats


The Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player meets IPX8 waterproofing standards, which means both the earphones and the MP3 player can be submerged under water for more than 24 hours without sustaining any damage. This waterproof MP3 player has a depth rate of 3 meters.

The skip and volume buttons of the MP3 player are also designed to conform to its use. The songs will not skip and the volume will not change unless you firmly press the button.

The built-in-li-polymer battery is a major plus. You would need to recharge it only twice a year if the player isn’t being used.

Furthermore, the battery life is pretty good. You can swim laps at the pool for about an hour and would not experience any issues with the battery.

Transferring music to the music player is easy as well, as you simply plug the music player into your computer and drag and drop mp3 files into the device.

You can wear a swimming cap so that the ear pieces would not come out. Surprisingly, compared to other products, the ear buds of the Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player stays in your ear.

You can experiment with different sizes of the included ear pieces to get a good feel for which one fits perfectly in your ear. Once you’re all set, the sound quality of the MP3 player is on point.

The music drowns out all of the noise in the pool area. With the Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player, you can pretty much focus on your breathing and swimming strokes while at the pool without having to be distracted.


The Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player truly is a great MP3 player and has acquired a great number of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

However, some reviews claimed that buttons function poorly, while others claimed that the clip doesn’t work well. These experiences affect the impact that word of mouth can have on a product.

Some customers have also experienced the earphones falling out of their ear. If this has happened to you, you can try and experiment with the different sizes of the ear piece.

So far, we have not had any experience of the equipment falling off once we knew what size to use.

Another minor setback that was brought up by a customer was that there was no way to arrange the songs or files on the music player. The MP3 player is in control and you do not have the option to select or shuffle. You wouldn’t be able to get a variety in your workout mix.

The Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player also doesn’t support iTunes sync. With that being said, you have to convert iTunes to MP3 or WMA songs to listen to it on this music player.


Overall, the Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Player can definitely take your swimming experience to a whole new level. This is definitely a good bargain.

Although some customers have experienced the ear phones coming out, we believe that for a waterproof MP3 player, you cannot totally avoid this scenario.

You may need to use a swimming cap to hold the top of the headphones in place while the MP3 player can be clipped at the back of the goggles strap, but once all the equipment are intact you can enjoy your swimming workout without having to worry that it may fall off or out.

You can do flip turns and the product will still stay intact. You can focus on your swimming minus the distraction. The Aerb MD190 Waterproof MP3 Playerdefinitely gets a good rating for us as it delivers the necessary things that a waterproof MP3 player should.