Waterproof MP3 Player Comparison: Factors to Consider

Fitness buffs know the importance of having access to music tracks that will motivate them to keep on pushing their limits. How about people who do water sports? Do they hum a tune and sing by themselves? They rely on MP3 players that are waterproof.

How does waterproof MP3 player comparison work?  This article will detail how to compare one waterproof player with another for you to spot which one is better.

A waterproof MP3 player comparison does not only focus on the MP3 player’s waterproof level, but it is also important to note other factors as well, such as sound quality and practicality. We will list both subjective and technical factors to consider in choosing the best waterproof MP3 player for you.

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Waterproof MP3 Player: What is it?

As an overview, Oregon Scientific was the first company to create waterproof MP3 players. By definition, a waterproof MP3 player is a device where you can copy or store audio files while being submerged in water.

Obviously, the primary purpose is to allow the user to listen to music, even if there is a possibility of getting wet. These MP3 players are widely used by swimmers or for people who do extreme water sports.

Usually, a waterproof MP3 player only has one exit. This port can be both used for transferring files into the player and, at the same time, to connect your headphone plug. The interface that the software uses is very simplistic and upfront.

Most of them are lightweight and has a clip-on design. As for the buttons, they include an on-and-off and volume adjustment. For the most part, they do not have a display monitor to save on space and to keep the player light in weight. 

Factors to Consider in Buying a Waterproof MP3 Player

You have a lot of factors to look out for when you are planning to buy a waterproof MP3 player, especially now that there are already many variants.

Here are those factors.

Official Protection Certification

Products that claim to be waterproof should have an International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) protection certification rating. There are certain degrees in terms of the rating that tells the user how waterproof or water-resistant a product is. Here is an example:


You can use the product outdoors, but do not submerge it in water.


It is waterproof up to one meter or three feet, and it can be underwater for up to 30 minutes.


It is 100% waterproof for up to three meters or 10 feet. Continuous underwater use is allowed, which means that it was sealed not to incur water.

If you are going to choose a waterproof MP3 player, it is then best to choose one that has IPX8.


This pertains to how the controls are presented. There are two types which are given below.


As many “millennials” already know, this is an interface wherein the buttons are on the screen itself.

Physical buttons

This is the traditional type wherein the buttons are separated from the screen.

It is better to have physical buttons, especially when you are going to use those buttons while swimming. This is best so that you do not have to look at the screen for you to change the settings.

Audio Format

This pertains as to what type of audio file you are going to copy to your device. The usual formats are: .mp3, .wmv, .wav, .mp4. You have to read what type of audio format your MP3 player can play, so you will know if you have to convert files.


Old versions of waterproof MP3 players have limited storage space, but, nowadays, some even have up to one terabyte. If you have a limited playlist, then get one that has a smaller storage since you are not going to use the excess space.

On the other hand, if you are someone who constantly updates their playlist, then get one that has a big storage space.


Some waterproof MP3 players are now wireless, but most of them still need a port to plug in the device. You should also check the specifications as to the plug of your device, whether it can be detected by your laptop or not.

This is crucial even if it is just a simple thing because how else can you transfer files to your MP3 player if your computer cannot open the software?

Battery Life

There are already rechargeable batteries for waterproof MP3 players. This is the best choice as it is very sustainable and will save you a lot of money in the future. However, there are still those that need regular replacement, so check first if that type of battery is easy to find.

Take note that MP3 players that are touchscreen usually do not have long-lasting battery life because constant background applications are running through it.


There are just two sizes for waterproof MP3 players. It is either extremely small or large. Why are there large ones you may ask? It is because some were designed to be that way so they can float when unclipped from the user.

Obviously, the smaller ones are for ease of use and free movement of the user. Small MP3 players are preferred by people who tend to be exposed to too much water pressure.

FM Capabilities

Not a lot of waterproof MP3 players have FM features in them, but it is also good to have such for those times when you get bored with your own music playlist.

Earphones or Earbuds

Some shapes are just your basic earbuds that go straight into your ear, but advanced designs have those pieces that fit perfectly to the curvature of your ears so that they will not get detached. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you get the customized one for optimum comfort. 

Waterproof MP3 Player Comparison: Summary

You now know the important factors to consider in comparing one waterproof MP3 player from another. Hence, you are now ready to choose the best one that fits your preferences.

Always keep in mind that comfort is your number one priority. If you cannot swim with it or if you cannot fight the waves while listening to your tunes, then that MP3 player is not for you.