Where To Buy Waterproof Mp3 Player

You have now come to the decision that you want to buy a waterproof MP3 player. You have scoured the internet and Googled “Where to Buy Waterproof MP3 Player” but you’re still lost.

Fret not, because in this article, we will discuss the points of what to consider in buying a waterproof MP3 player.

MP3 players are not just for runners, cyclists, or other land based athletes. Since you are already considering where to buy a waterproof MP3 player then you are already convinced that music can greatly benefit a swimmer’s performance during the workout.

While the selection of waterproof music players is limited compared to regular music players, there are still several makes and models to choose from. All waterproof MP3 players can differ in terms of how they look, operate, and fit.

This is very important to consider since you will be using this underwater and you will be active underwater. You need equipment that does not fall out of your ear or annoy you when you are doing laps at the pool.

Where to Buy Waterproof Mp3 Player that works?

Waterproof MP3 players pretty much work the same way as a regular MP3 player, except for the fact that a waterproof MP3 player is designed to withstand water pressure while you are swimming.

The internal parts of the waterproof MP3 player are made to repel water, while the cover of the MP3 player is watertight to prevent water from getting inside the device. These waterproof MP3 players often have built-in headphones which help reduce the number of connections or openings where water can enter.

Since there are so many brands available on the market today, when buying a waterproof MP3 player you should carefully inspect the product to determine if the water proofing works well.

Now, what to look for in a waterproof MP3 player?

A waterproof MP3 player has pretty much the same purpose as a regular MP3 player and that is to play music. However, if it is a waterproof MP3 player that you are looking for, then there are other factors you should consider before purchasing one.

Storage Capacity

If you train for more than an hour at the pool, then you should consider a higher storage capacity to keep you entertained all throughout your workout. MP3 player storage can range from 2GB to 8GB. The larger the capacity of the MP3 player, the more music files it can accommodate.


It would be best to look for an MP3 player that is easy to use when transferring files from your computer to the actual device. You should also ensure that the device will be compatible with your computer.

File Types

There are models that only accept MP3 formats. You should consider the type of file the device can read before buying the product.

This will save you time in converting each music file to a certain type of file that the MP3 player can read.


If you always use iTunes to listen to music or transfer it from your PC to music devices, then you should consider if the MP3 player has iTunes sync. Please bear in mind that not all MP3 players are compatible with iTunes.

Waterproof Earphones

Now on to the waterproof MP3 player accessories. The earphone is one of the top things you should consider. There are many waterproof earphones on the market today, but keep in mind that the main purpose of the earphones is to be able to transmit the music from the device to your ears.

Considering the fact that you are underwater, the earphones that you are looking for should be able to withstand any movement you make while swimming without falling out of your ears.

Waterproof Cases

The main difference between a waterproof MP3 player and a regular MP3 player is that you can take the waterproof MP3 player to places you cannot take the regular one – for example, under water. The parts inside the MP3 player are made to repel water and the cover of the MP3 player should be watertight.